About the founder

Meet Gia, the passionate visionary behind Twist of Fête. Drawing inspiration from cherished childhood memories of lively family gatherings - where 30 to 40 loved ones would come together for backyard cookouts, volleyball matches, and fun-filled games in the neighborhood schoolyard - Gia developed a deep appreciation for the power of celebrations.

As a young adult, Gia took the lead in organizing group trips - ranging from thrilling couples' cabin getaways with exhilarating activities like zip-lining and ATV rides - to memorable beach vacations and family outings - to college football championship games (GO BUCKEYES!).

Driven by a desire to help others embrace the joy of life's smaller yet significant milestones, Gia initiated CELEBRATION CIRCLES—an inclusive gathering of women to connect and celebrate shared experiences and personal achievements. Recognizing the need for inclusive and distinctive corporate events, Gia joined event planning teams for esteemed organizations like Olay, CoverGirl, Burt's Bees, State Farm, and Meta, contributing to employee engagement and holiday party planning committees.Through taking on these roles in her personal and professional life, Gia continuously challenged what was possible. Ultimately, she ensured that each event went beyond the traditional or mundane, and fostered an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere for all.Inspired by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from coworkers, friends, and family, Gia realized a deeper calling to remove barriers to celebrating life's precious moments, especially those that often go unrecognized. This realization led to the founding of Twist of Fête, a boutique event planning service dedicated to curating tailored and exclusive experiences, and bringing dreams to life.