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Below are testimonials from my clients. I love helping people find ways to celebrate and think outside of the box. Don’t let a lack of ideas, time or resources keep you from celebrating. If you need help grab a spot on my calendar and lets brainstorm how you can celebrate in a way that’s true to you!

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Client Testimonials & case studies

When Life Throws a Curveball, Twist of Fête Keeps the Party Going

What would you do if you were the maid of honor tasked with planning the bachelorette party but suddenly the wedding was called off?

This is a true story that happened to my friend Patricia* Most people would have canceled the bachelorette party but I knew Patricia needed her circle of friends more than ever. So, I made a decision: the party simply had to go on!

That's when Twist of Fête stepped in with a brilliant solution. We kept the date for the party and let all the guests know that the focus would shift to celebrating and uplifting Patricia. we gathered at her favorite restaurant and each of us took turns expressing our admiration for Patricia and sharing our heartfelt wishes for her future. This was the birth of the CELEBRATION CIRCLE But it didn't stop there! Inspired by Patricia's request, we went around the table, sharing our proudest moments and uplifting one another in our accomplishments.

The result? A room full of women who suddenly realized how little they celebrated their own victories and how often they downplayed their successes. That night, we made a pact to continue the tradition of the celebration circle, regularly uplifting each other and reminding ourselves of our greatness.

*Name changed for privacy

A One of a Kind Bachelorette Party

“Hands down the most memorable and personalized experience of my entire life. It’s never easy for people to really get me - but you created a Cree centered event that my entire squad could enjoy. Love you and love Twist of Fete!


Taking the guess work out of planning

Faced with the challenge of coordinating a group of women from different cities with various dietary restrictions and allergies, Twist of Fete devised an effective solution.

The event planner meticulously organized the itinerary, ensuring smooth airport pickups and eliminating the need for unnecessary rental cars. She also crafted a customizable meal plan, allowing each participant to enjoy the same meals while accommodating their individual dietary needs. This innovative approach reduced cooking efforts and eliminated the struggle of finding suitable restaurants.

To foster connections within the group, Twist of Fete hosted a celebration circle on the first night. This intimate gathering allowed participants to share their stories, creating a warm and inclusive environment from the start. As a result, the retreat was a resounding success, leaving everyone feeling re energized and ready to return to their daily lives.

Letting Loose and Making Memories: How Twist of Fête is making it Happen

When a friend of mine said he wanted to plan something for an upcoming milestone birthday I knew I could help. Ultimately, he told us “ Honestly…I just want to show up and have the party be DOPE”. Say less, my guy.  

We planned out all the details. He wanted a laid back vibe with a focus on family and friends gathered around with good music, we landed on house party/pool party in Cincinnati. We were able to strike some great deals in order to stay within budget, and we got creative with the logistics. In the summer of 2023 he will be having the time of his life worry free and in a way that shows his unique vibe.